Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Care Packages for Seniors!

Amanda Wilder has always been an active volunteer.  However, after the birth of her daughter two years ago, it became more difficult for Amanda to commit to a regular volunteering schedule.  Still wanting to help those in need, Amanda decided to put together care packages for our Meals on Wheels clients.  Going above and beyond our normal care package “protocol”, Amanda got her Wilmington Island neighborhood involved, and organized a month long donation drive for items to go into the care-packages.  At the end of the month, Amanda organized the goods into 22 gender appropriate bags, each containing 10-11 items. The beautiful packages were then delivered to our office to be sent out to Meals on Wheels clients this week.  On behalf of the Meals on Wheels clients, thank you so much to Ms. Amanda Wilder and her neighbors for donating your time, energy, and goods to helping seniors citizens in our community!        

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