Thursday, April 7, 2011

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Always I have volunteered at something.  In New Jersey, I volunteered for my local first aid squad, doing all kinds of things in the school with my boys, Cub and Boy Scouts, a Mothers of Twins Club, and a crisis/suicide hot line.  When I came to Savannah in September, the first order of business was finding a job.  Well, that didn't happen as quickly as the original plan (life does that sometimes).  While I was waiting for a job to happen, I didn't want to waste my days, and I found the Senior Citizens.
I volunteered for Meals on Wheels and Sterling Rides.  I did have a selfish motive:  to find my way around Savannah.  As I used my gps and the wealth of knowledge of my clients, I got off the main roads and finally gained  an understanding of the streets in this beautiful city.
Each of us do not live in a bubble, we are dependent on each other in large and small ways.  I felt privileged to be a small part of seeing that someone had a meal for the day or that they were able to get medical attention. It is wonderful to have friends and family around, but that isn't always enough.  What a blessing to be able to help others, what a joy to meet delightful people who have lived full and interesting lives.
-Denise Banghart

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